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The Incredible Importance Of The Low Pressure Soft Washing Method

Low pressure soft washing method

If you've been looking into professional pressure washing for your residential property, then you may have come across the term soft washing throughout your search. It's one of several pressure washing techniques, and it's most typically used to clean softer materials that won't hold up to a higher pressure wash. Whether you're looking to perform the job yourself or work with a pro, it's important to understand this method and its importance—and we're here to help you on your journey!

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What Is Soft Washing And When Is It The Appropriate Method For The Task At Hand?

Soft washing, at its most basic level, is a low pressure wash meant for the more delicate areas of your home or business. Services that require this method for the best possible results are gutter cleaning, roof washing, window washing, and more, and this method also works well for general maintenance of virtually any other exterior surface. In fact, the soft washing technique can be used on most materials and see fantastic results, but the same cannot be said in the reverse. A surface that requires it is generally not equipped to handle an extremely high pressure setting, and damage can occur in these instances.

This method is typically done at a pressure setting of 500 PSI (pounds per square inch) or below, which is a little higher than the average garden hose but much lower than other methods of pressure washing. With a soft wash, there's generally a higher concentration of eco-friendly detergent to help make up for the lack of pressure, leading to a safe, effective, and incredibly thorough clean.

How Does This Technique Compare To Other Popular Pressure Washing Methods?

There are three primary methods of pressure washing: soft washing, pressure washing, and power washing. As we mentioned before, soft washing is a low pressure wash, and that sets it far apart from the other two, which operate at much higher pressure settings. The pressure washing and power washing techniques are perfect for blasting away dirt, grime, and organic growth from materials like brick, stone, and concrete, but there's a key distinction between the two.

With the power washing method, hot water is used to thoroughly clean and sanitize a surface. It requires a heating element, and can't be done with a standard pressure washer, unlike the other two methods that do not utilize heat during the process. It's important to note that not every contractor will use this method for their services, but don't worry—all three of these methods will deliver absolutely fantastic results!

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